Susannah Moore, Customer Care Specialist


Where did you grow up? 
I grew up on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii, and traveled every Summer back to Tri-Cities to see my father. I never thought I would end up back here but they say those that leave, always come back... Apparently even from Hawaii! 

How do you relax?
I love my back porch for quiet reflection while enjoying my garden view. It's my most peaceful oasis. It’s the first place people check for me when they visit. Im usually always on my beloved porch!

What's your favorite food?
Thai doesn't get any better than that!

What was your favorite band in high school?
Depeche Mode. And now my 12 year old daughter listens to them - and shows me songs that I never heard!

What's your favorite movie?
So many great movies but probably, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. My children have grown up with that movie and its become a family staple that we can watch over and over again. 

If you had to do it all over again you would...?
Slow down and enjoy life's smaller moments.   Years later, its those moments that end up holding the most sentiment and impact of memories. 

What do you like most about working at Vivid?
The people, the culture...the 3-minute drive to work! There is such incredible talent here and everyone is so helpful and caring towards one another. I'm always in awe of how my incredibly busy co-workers will take time to not only answer my questions, but to earnestly seek a solution as well. They are AWESOME!

What's the next technology you hope gets invented?
I actually wish that we could slow it down technology-wise. Return to a time when children climbed trees instead of played video games, or talked to someone in 3D person instead of sending a text. Make it real, not electronic! 

What's your favorite online store?, for SHOES of course!