Our Service

The concept of service is something we devote a lot of attention to. Our Customer service reps are expected to reach for an impossible standard because when we earn your business, we want to keep it. Going beyond, we want you to have an experience you’re willing to share. Basically, you’re going to get the same service we would demand for ourselves, if we were wearing your shoes. Customer service is not for everybody; there’s a lot to learn, so we invest in training the right person for our profile, and put good people to work solving your problems.

When you engage with Vivid, for our safety training courses, safety training systems, or custom training, our team becomes your team. Customers receive unlimited tech support and are free to contact our reps for even minor consultations. And we’re happy to steer you to other options when your needs and our offer don’t align—which is a rarity. Because at Vivid, we have a culture of finding fulfillment and success in being principally helpful, and warmth in service is almost osmotic.

To wrap, we are equally committed to supporting our customers and the products we offer, providing the best customer service in an industry that we’ve been leading for years.

If we can offer a better product, we will.