Our History

Six people sat down around a conference table to engineer a smarter way to deliver critical safety training for the high-risk workforce. When they succeeded hours later, realizing that unmistakable sense of having conceived of something transformational, they left the table with an agreement to start a company, and walked out of the door as entrepreneurs.

In 1995, that handful of colleagues had been challenged by the Department of Energy to disrupt the traditional training experience by making it digital, and taking it to the desktop. Vivid was a ‘tech startup’ before the phrase was popular and the company has kept the flame of innovation alive in confronting new challenges.

Between then and now, technology advanced exponentially; everything got smaller, faster, and so much more powerful. But Vivid Learning Systems positioned itself for adaptation in order to provide customers with the best available technology, and with a premium on enduring functionality, to stay a big step ahead of obsolescence and build evergreen relationships. The evolution of our products is best characterized by the move from a physical off-the-shelf library of compact discs, to Online Safety Training courses from the Cloud built in HTML 5. Now, hundreds of training courses are accessible with a touch of your touch screen, on tablets and smartphones, wherever you have a connection.

But Vivid is first a product of the Hanford Nuclear Site—hardhat, steeled toe, high-risk industrial scenarios have always been home for us. That never changed and that’s exactly where our mission of service is today. The high-risk worker moves our company forward; those are the men and women we strive to protect, train, and empower.

That’s who we create for.