Latest Episodes

#47: Almost like a bad spy movie

January 15, 2020 | 54 minutes 

Podcast series host Jill James speaks with Jim Allyn, MarTech Media’s resident subject matter expert for reliability training. Jim is one of the most experienced training instructors to ever grace the podcast, with too many stories from the field to pack into one episode.

#46: The CEO of Spotlight Safety

January 1, 2020 | 1 hour 3 minutes 33 seconds

In this episode of the Accidental Safety Pro, series host Jill James is joined by Corey Martin, a safety professional and founder and CEO of Spotlight Safety.

#45: The Adventures of Attila the Hun & The Hammer

December 18, 2019 | 44 minutes 13 seconds

In a series first, podcast host Jill James talks with a reigning American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) Women in Safety Excellence Safety Professional of the Year, Crystal!

#44: Creepy Carl. Safety Manager.

December 4, 2019 | 57 minutes 3 seconds

On the eve of Thanksgiving, podcast series host Jill James catches up with Jason Maldonado. Jason’s start in safety began in the Air Force, where he revived training efforts for Hazard Communication, HAZWOPER, and Lockout/Tagout (LOTO). He transitioned to the private sector, and, with the help of a great mentor, developed his characteristic style of employee safety engagement.

#43: Roadhouse and Dr. Phil

November 20, 2019 | 58 minutes 49 seconds

Podcast series host Jill James speaks with Jason Lucas, creator on #SocialMediaSafetyMinute.