Online Safety Training Solutions

We get it. You want solutions that support safety program accountability without the administrative headache. We will take care of that and while we’re at it, we will help reduce your training costs and increase efficiency. Our products are supported by a customer service team that has your back, so you can focus on building the culture of safety – not training.


We can set you up with the right solution, or you can outsource your entire training program to us.

  • Safety Training Courses

    We have the best Online Safety Training content, thanks to our team of instructional designers and storytellers. 

    Safety Training Courses
  • Safety Training Systems

    Worry less with our software. Our customer service team administers the systems so you don’t have to.

    Safety Training Systems
  • Custom Training

    Memorable solutions that connect even the most complex objectives with the heart of the workforce. 

    Custom Training

Who We Serve

Making life easier for safety professionals is what we do.

On demand is the better way forward

Make the leap and modernize your training program now. You don’t have to go through the motions.

Why It Makes Sense to Upgrade

  • Without accountability, there’s risk.
    If you are not measuring performance through tracking and reporting, then your safety program is underperforming.
  • Lost productivity is hurting your budget.
    The expense of pulling the workforce for training and paying for instruction, kills productivity and damages your bottom line.  
  • Standardize training no matter the location.
    Training a large, dispersed workforce speaking different languages does not take a village. Workers at any location can take the same training, but in their native language.
  • Stop wasting time with low value training.
    Some things are better outside the classroom. If it’s boring, it’s ineffective. Give your workers the experience of interactive Online Safety Training. 

You’ll Be Glad You Made the Switch

  • Standardization minimizes liability.
    Improve the effectiveness of your safety program by getting everybody on the same page, with same curriculums.
  • Anywhere, anytime access.
    Get your employees training at the speed of business. At a desk or on the go.
  • Time is money.
    Safety training efficiency means providing the right amount of information. Online Safety Training courses take half the time of traditional instruction.
  • Safety training that sticks.
    Interactivity and creative engagement means that your safety training program will actually make a difference, and restore balance with regulatory requirements.