The Learning Management System for Safety Professionals.

If you have to bring accountability back to your safety program, if you need to control for risk, if you need to manage safety performance—this is the answer.

Our safety training system (LMS) is specifically configured for occupational health and safety reporting, to make your life easier. Helping safety pros lower the expense of training programs, save time on administration, and make training more efficient.

Safety is a resource you can manage and let our learning management system be that tool to help you manage your resources.

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Why Our Systems Are Better

  • Intuitive, easy.

    Intuitive, easy.

    Everything is where it should be. We believe that your experience with our software shouldn’t involve wasting time figuring out how to use the platform, so we’ve designed for natural navigation. 

  • Set up.

    Set up.

    It’s like this—we do pretty much everything and get right on it. Integrating with other system software and training materials is not a problem. We will guide you down the straightest path and won’t leave you stranded. 

  • Supported.


    The Vivid Customer Service Team is kind of a big deal around here. We support everything we offer. Our people want to help and will take care of you, expediently.


  • Tracking & Reporting

    Tracking & Reporting

    Track training in realtime, centralize recordkeeping, and be more productive, all while keeping your employees aware of their progress. Measure success and improvement with testing and custom reporting.

  • Support Live Training Programs

    Support Live Training Programs

    Whether employees take an Online Safety Training course or attend a safety meeting, our safety training systems (LMS) can track all your training activities with live event tracking.

  • Notifications


    Automate reminders and tasks so you are always on top of your training, with automatic email notifications, course completion notes, and reports. 

  • Certificates


    Easily combine training activities into a single curriculum to make tracking completions easier and more organized. Employees receive one certificate of completion for all the training activities. All while tracking the time spent. 

  • Course Uploads & Attachments

    Course Uploads & Attachments

    Have training assets unique to your safety program? Easily customize any course by uploading PDF content for site or industry-specific safety needs. We will work with you to integrate other assets and create the most relevant experience for your workforce.