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What I Wish I Knew When I Started in Safety

A few month back, Vivid’s Chief Safety Officer Jill James opened the ASSE Future Safety Leaders Conference.

Like many of those students in the audience, her unlikely career in safety began over 20 years ago after finding a “safety” internship posted on campus.

Reflecting on a professional life in safety, Jill’s keynote address shares essential knowledge for aspiring safety professionals, wisdom to accelerate the learning curve for industry newcomers, and tips on sidestepping pitfalls commonly experienced by your safety peers…

  • Advice for those beginning a safety career
  • Guidance for woman working in occupational health & safety
  • Helpful communication skills for all safety professionals
  • Avoiding safety stereotypes & making a difference from the start
  • Tools necessary for early career success in safety

This inspirational webcast is for all safety leaders.