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Fatal Four Construction Hazards

Jobs in the construction industry can be very dangerous.

Construction industry jobs are high-risk.

Falling, being struck-by, caught-in, or electrocuted, account for the top four areas of injury on construction sites.

First, here are some tips to avoid falls.

  • Wear personal fall arrest equipment.
  • Set up perimeter protection.
  • Cover floor openings and mark them well.
  • Use ladders or scaffolds the way they are meant to be used.

Don’t become a victim of being struck-by on the job.

  • Never position yourself between moving and fixed objects.
  • Wear high-visibility clothes near equipment/vehicles.

Avoid being caught in or between objects.

  • Never enter an unprotected trench 5 feet or deeper without an adequate protective system in place
  • Make sure the trench or excavation is protected either by sloping, shoring, benching or trench shield systems.

Avoid electrocuting yourself while working.

  • Locate and identify utilities before starting work.
  • Look for overhead power lines when operating any equipment.
  • Maintain a safe distance away from power lines.
  • Do not operate portable electric tools unless they are grounded or double insulated.
  • Use ground-fault surge protectors.
  • Be alert to electrical hazards when working with ladders, scaffolds or other platforms.

Until next time, stay positive and stay safe.