Safety Culture Checkup

Data: The secret sauce for safety improvement

Have you ever been excited to take a survey about safety? Didn’t think so.

That’s why we wanted to rethink the traditional employee perception survey experience—expensive, too many questions, written for academics—and develop a better tool for safety professionals and workers.

You'll discover

  • Employee Concerns of Serious Injury
  • Perceptions of Safety Leadership
  • If Employees Feel Valued
  • Differences in Management & Workforce Perception
  • The Degree of Autonomy Expressed by Employees
  • Key Demographics: Age, Service Tenure, Education

Simple. Online. Custom.

This uniquely human survey experience is relatively short, with specific questions for management and employees alike. Deployment and reporting are entirely online.

It’s an easy way to gather meaningful workforce data that you can leverage to make decisions around occupational health, safety, and worker wellbeing.

Designed by experienced, Certified Safety Professionals, this survey explores the correlation between leadership and motivation, by collecting perceptions of individual work expectations, communication, and quality of relationships.

  • Question Sets for Management & Employees
  • Averages 10 Minutes to Completion
  • 20 Questions
  • 100% Online
  • Custom Results
  • Mobile Ready

Better data. Smarter Decisions. Safer Workforce.

Observations, interactions, and experiences, are the genesis of individual attitudes and behaviors.

And when it comes to safety, attitudes matter.

Based on Dr. Todd Loushine’s Macroergonomic approach to Safety Culture/Climate, this survey tool helps you examine the conditions necessary for safe-working behaviors, with insights that provide a roadmap for improvement.

Safety leadership involves consistently crafting a culture of excellence for safety performance, and the factors influencing culture are numerous.

Deploy this survey experience and learn how your workforce feels about safety and the culture in your organization.

Todd William Loushine, Ph.D., P.E., CSP, CIH

Associate Professor | Coordinator of Internships and Fieldwork Experience | Dept. of Occupational & Environmental Safety & Health

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Dr. Loushine is a former OSHA Safety & Compliance Officer turned academic. When he’s not helping to mold the next generation of occupational safety professionals, he’s serving as a professional safety consultant, or speaking to safety audiences.

Jill James

Chief Safety Officer

Vivid Learning Systems

With 12 years of experience as a Senior OSHA Safety Investigator with the State of Minnesota, and nearly a decade in the private sector as a safety program manager, Jill is a passionate advocate for safety, the safety profession, and better training experiences.