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The Limits of the Zone — Protective Grounding Principles

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Personal Protective Grounding (PPG) is the most hotly debated safety procedure in the electric utility industry, but acknowledged as a critical protection for workers from the risks of electrical induction and the inadvertent re-energizing of lines.

Together, our utility safety experts, Jim Vaughn & Danny Raines, discuss the principles of protection afforded by PPG, important difference between grounding and bonding, and how to protect workers from the risks associated with induction, and current flow in de-energized, grounded circuits. 

Watch this Online Safety Training webcast to learn about:

  • The principles of grounding for the protection of workers
  • How to differentiate between the purpose of grounding and purpose of bonding
  • How to identify the sources of current flow and risk of induction in de-energized and grounded circuits

Personal Protective Grounding Webcast