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Heroes in Safety History: Follow the Pioneer Path to Workforce Protection

Nearly 50,000 American workers die from occupational disease each year.

So how can you make a difference?

This month we’re profiling 3 legends of workforce protection, each responsible for saving countless lives and leaving a last impact…

  • James Hodgson, champion of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970
  • Frances Perkins, the 1st female DOL Secretary who campaigned to end silicosis
  • Alice Hamilton, the toxicology pioneer who battled deadly lead exposure

This is what leaders of today will learn from our pioneers of occupational health and safety…

  • How to Implement Your Great Safety Idea
  • What to Do When the Problem is Bigger than You
  • Uncommon Characteristics Shared by Safety Heroes
  • Strategies for Affecting Change

Vivid’s Chief Safety Officer Jill James and Health & Safety Policy Director Mark Catlin share the stories of occupational safety pioneers who fought to safeguard workers from silicosis, lead exposure, and harmful working conditions that bred occupational disease, and killed thousands.

At Vivid, we love the problem. We support and honor safety champions. We believe in the work you do each day to send people home safe.

This free webcast is for any safety professional needing a shot of inspiration or looking for an educational spark to share with the unengaged.