Systemic Safety

A quick guide to the NEC, NFPA, and OSHA electrical safety systems standards after the 2015 NFPA 70E rollout.

Systemic Safety

People, training, and preparation. Safety and human resources professionals know that employers should never overlook those three things. Understanding and complying with NEC, NFPA 70E, and OSHA guidelines will address all three of the business critical assets in relation to electrical worker safety.

This guide covers:

  • Minimizing The Risk of Our Aging Electrical Grid
  • Voltage, Faults, and Arc Flash 
  • Electrical Safety Standards 
  • National Electrical Code (NEC)  
  • OSHA’s Electrical Standards 
  • Important Changes to NFPA 70E - Electrical Safe Work Practices Standard 

Proper overcurrent protection does not totally eliminate hazards, but it significantly reduces the damage potential to property and people, and should be the first choice in protecting both the workforce and property for your organization.