161 Reasons for an OSHA Inspection

Why your company is on OSHA’s List.

161 Reasons for an OSHA Inspection

If you are responsible for safety and compliance polices, then understanding OSHA’s inspection system can help you anticipate inspections and respond proactively to enforcement programs. Knowing OSHA's focus, and what the agency is looking for, can better prepare your organization for the possibility of an inspection. 

This FREE eBook will help you understand why OSHA is inspecting your business, prepare you to answer any questions about the type of OSHA inspections, and easily identify inspection triggers.

You will be able to:

  • Define the probability of an inspection at your organization
  • Recognize the data and method used to create inspection lists
  • Respond to Special Emphasis Programs
  • Calculate DART & DAWII rates used by OSHA for programmed inspections
  • Know the high-risk Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) used for categorizing your organization
  • Determine the placement of your organization on Site-Specific Targeting Lists
  • Understand the importance of the OSHA Data Initiative (ODI)