Send More Workers Home Safe.

Vivid delivers over 1 million online safety courses to US manufacturers each year.

  • Workers Love Our Training

    Memorable interactive courses put employees in control of the training experience, for maximum impact and accountability.

  • Train Smarter & Faster

    Cover mandatory compliance topics with 20 minute courses & 5 minute courses for refresher training, supporting production efficiency.

  • Train On Mobile Devices

    Courses are HTML 5 enabled for training on tablets and smartphones, with 24/7 accessibility at any location.

  • Track All Training Activities

    Vivid’s Safety Training System (LMS) makes scheduling and tracking training activities, easy, and centralizes your training records.

  • Make Safety Less Boring

    With checklists, short safety tips videos, course summaries, discussion guides, and supervisor safety tips, you can mix it up by delivering a diverse training experience.

  • Upload Your Content

    Attach organizational policies & procedures, along with schematics, maintenance manuals, instructions, and equipment specifications.

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Two birds. One stone.

There are two problems with safety training that every organization struggles with:

#1 – Breaking people away from work to attend training
#2 – Employee indifference

With increasing demands on workforce productivity, we recognize that it’s now harder than ever to cover compliance training required by law.

And we know that it’s difficult to get employees to engage with safety training, because most of it is boring.

Now, if you found a stone that would take out both birds, would you throw it?