Government agencies are endlessly pressured to recover savings through efficiency measures. Budgets tighten, full-time employee (FTE) levels are capped, and travel is replaced with the teleconference. But the need for workforce training doesn’t change. In fact, for government agencies, there is no margin of error in matching regulatory requirements.

Workforce training programs are an overlooked area for recovering operational efficiencies—that is true for the public and private sector. Because the total size of the workforce employed by government entities is generally large, and relatively stable, the opportunity for efficiency in the government sector, by modernizing training programs, shouldn’t be ignored.

Today, cities, states, and agencies of the federal government are realizing the savings from taking workforce training online. Vivid offers this alternative to the traditional live training experience, with Safety Training Systems that automate accountability, and Online Safety Training courses created by instructional designers and digital creatives. 

Innovative Learning 

Developing custom training with Vivid will create an engaging experience for your workforce. Using the best technology available and working with experienced instructional designers, we craft interactive training that reaches the audience on a personal level, creating memorable, effective training.

Vivid’s online workforce training experience can recover lost productivity, build efficiency, fix costs for training programs, and bring back accountability.

Better training, smarter workforce. We get it.