General Industry

Training the workforce has its challenges, right?

Maybe you have big workforce to train, but a small budget. Or, you need to meet industry regulations, but can’t keep up with the changes. What if you’re now responsible for auditing and need to get handle on your safety program?

The traditional live training experience takes employees off of the job and into conference rooms for hours of tedious instruction—that’s not efficient. And trying to track training programs manually with spreadsheets and paperwork is an administrative burden, with endless rounds of data entry, recordkeeping confusion, and low accountability. With tired content that puts workers to sleep, the whole experience of going through the motions to satisfy regulatory requirements doesn’t do much for your employees.

We get it. And, we can help you.

Vivid is an online safety training company. We offer training alternatives that support accountability, efficiency, and safety. 

Online Safety Training OSHA Training

Vivid Online Safety Training OSHA courses are designed to build knowledge quickly and get workers back into production and working safely with better training. Regardless of computer proficiency, workers complete basic OSHA training in 20 minutes, on average. Courses are created by instructional designers, with help from a network of recognized industry experts to create accurate safety scenarios and provide relevant information. Vivid courses are interactive and use the power of storytelling to communicate critical messages. We keep it simple, train for the basics, and focus on the quality of the worker experience.

Vivid OSHA courses are available Online Safety Training —train anywhere, anytime, and mobile ready. 

Fast Tracking & Reporting

The Vivid Safety Training System (LMS) is designed to be intuitive, natural, and focused on true functionality, the stuff that actually gets used when administering a safety training program, and not on needless options. With a clean, minimal interface, Vivid’s Training System, automatically tracks training, generates custom reports for auditing, and securely stores training program data, like course completion and test scoring, in realtime. With Vivid, data security is something you never have to worry about. The information generated over the life of your training program is secure and recorded. We can recall data and run reports back to you for auditing. 

Custom Training

Developing custom training with Vivid will create an engaging experience for your workforce. Using the best technology available and working with experienced instructional designers, we craft interactive training that reaches the audience on a personal level, creating memorable, effective training.

For more information on our online safety training solutions for general industry, complete the form to request a demo.