Safety Training System (LMS) FAQs

What is the safety training system (LMS)? [Video]

I don’t have a lot of time for managing software?

We get it. That’s why our Safety Training System (LMS) was designed to do one job—safety training management.

We ask our customers to consider us the ‘super administrator’, meaning that we handle nearly of the implementation process, and much of the software activity in support of the customer mission.

We don’t simply hand you the keys and disappear, but take the wheel, and take responsibility to set you up for success until you’re comfortable with the System (won’t take long) and all of your questions are answered. This separates us from the competition.

When you train with Vivid, you’re assigned a personal, non- commissioned Customer Service Rep, whose job is to make your life easier. 

Will my technology infrastructure support an online training experience? I’m not sure it will.

If you have only one PC, and an internet connection, we know from experience that you can probably train your entire workforce. 

What type of hardware and connectivity is required for training content?

At a basic level, workers need access to a modern computer with an internet browser, and a broadband internet connection.

For browsers, courses work with the most recent version of Chrome or FireFox, and Internet Explorer 9 or above.

For media players, the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player is required.

For mobile devices, the latest available operating system for Android or iOS devices is required.

Depending on your needs, courses can be delivered in a variety of industry standard formats including SCORM and AICC, or through our Safety Training System (LMS).

Do I have to learn the Safety Training System (LMS)?

Not necessarily; our Safety Training System (LMS) is easy to use after a only brief introduction, and supported by our Customer Service Reps, but we do offer training for Customers —it’s free.

How does your Safety Training System (LMS) handle tracking and reporting?

Designed for simplicity, the Safety Training System (LMS) provides you with instant reporting options for course enrollments, completion dates, test scores, training status, and delinquencies. Those reports use basic filtering tools to help you access data.

For specific analysis, the Report Builder function allows safety and training professionals to easily create custom reports detailing training program activity.

We think your training program should be easy to track, and that compliance reporting shouldn’t be complicated.

The majority of our workers do not have access to computers while on the job. How could you help me there?

Let’s talk. Many of our courses work on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, and we’re improving that capability each day. Because online training is accessible whenever and wherever an internet connection can be established, there is a lot of flexibility for scheduling training.

In fact, a customer used just one computer to train over 300 employees.

When access to technology is the issue, many customers have looked to large group training sessions, which allow customers to run courses in a classroom setting, and grant all workers in attendance an ‘offline completion’ for each course. This gives you the flexibility for group training with the convenience of updated content, and, each worker’s completion can be recorded in the Safety Training System, synched for reporting. 

Can my workers train on tablets, like the iPad?

Yes. Our 10 most popular courses work seamlessly with mobile devices like tablets. 

As businesses like yours find new ways to apply this technology, we know that reliance on those devices will continue to grow, and the expansion of our mobile course library is something we’re actively committed to; on average, about two courses are newly adapted for mobile each month.

I have a different LMS. Will your courses run on it?

Yes. Courses can be delivered in a variety of standard formats common to the online training industry, including SCORM and AICC. Our courses are compatible with several modern Learning Management System (LMS) platforms. 

Is it possible to track employee time in training?

Yes. As an option, our software may track the time that each student spends with each course. The Safety Training System (LMS) can also show you the average time and total training time spent by class.

How does the program track employee competency?

Through testing and mastery of training objectives. Vivid courses are developed by experienced instructional designers and consulting safety professionals familiar with high-risk work environments, so courses train on relevant, critical, basic safety concepts that meet OSHA standards and industry best practices.

All of our training is organized according a traditional Instructional Systems Design (ISD) model, with content structured to help workers meet key training objectives. Testing is designed to determine if workers have met the objectives, and testing feedback is also provided to help measure course effectiveness and employee proficiency.

Can reports be exported and merged with other tracking systems?

Yes. With a simple Excel spreadsheet, reports can be exported for breakdown. Also, we can help with reporting integration for other Learning Management Systems (LMS) or Human Resource Information System (HRIS) applications.

What about archival of my training records? Where does that data go?

No need to worry, your personal Customer Service Rep handles that, by archiving the previous year’s records, and by working with you to account for changes to your workforce, in preparation for the upcoming year.

Data is stored securely and is instantly retrievable. 

Our Training System will allow access to all training data for reporting, based on requirements.

Can I put my own training, such as a PowerPoint presentation, or safety policy, into the Safety Training System (LMS)?

Yes. One reason that customers select our Safety Training System (LMS) is that the software allows training program managers to post custom content, like policies and instructive slide shows. This functionality allows safety and training professionals to integrate native company material into the system, and supplement the content covered in our training courses.

Can I add a survey for my employees to take once they complete the training?

Yes. Contact your Rep to discuss options and facilitate the process.