Pricing FAQs

Would you explain your pricing?

Your total training cost depends on three things:

  • The number and type of courses you need
  • The number of workers you’re training
  • Whether or not you need our Safety Training System (LMS)

For simplicity, we offer a subscription based on the number of courses you select and the size of your participating workforce.

With Vivid, you get exactly what you pay for; if you have 10 workers who need one OSHA course, that’s what you can buy.

If you don’t have the software for running courses and tracking your training program, our Safety Training System (LMS) is also available by subscription, and based on the number of active workers.

We have hundreds of courses, at many different price points; concentration of content (length; number of learning objectives; complexity) is the determining factor for course pricing.

We don’t want to sell you more than you need, that’s why we encourage you to call our Reps to determine an appropriate mix of courses, take advantage of promotions, and to schedule a demo.

No surprises here—custom work, like course development, is quoted separately. For more information.

My invoice is really simple—what’s missing?

Nothing. That’s the way we like to keep it, for your convenience.

Since you asked, here’s what you don’t pay for:

  • Implementation
  • Incredible customer support
  • Branding of training portal and courses
  • Hosting and maintenance
  • Automatic course updates
  • Training on how to use our simple Safety Training System (LMS)