MSHA Online Training FAQs

How do I buy MSHA (all of it)?

For your convenience, all standard forms of payment are accepted.

So you don’t buy more than you need, and find the right training experience, we recommend you first engage with a Customer Service Representative via live chat; that’s because we offer Online Safety Training courses for Part 46 & Part 48, and a live, virtual training experience.

If you know that you need Part 48 Surface New Miner training (for Metal, Non-Metal, and Coal) you can register here.

To learn more about Vivid’s online MSHA training, and find the right course for you, check out our MSHA page.

If you have questions, call Vivid – 1-800-956-0333

How much is the MSHA training?

Great question. Pricing depends on the type of MSHA training you need, and the number of employees needing training.

To learn more about Vivid’s online MSHA training, and find the right course for you, check out our MSHA page.

If you have questions, call Vivid – 1-800-956-0333.

Do we have an MSHA-approved training plan?

Yes. All MSHA training was developed by our certified, experienced MSHA instructors, who also run the live, virtual training experience for Part 48 Surface New Miner.

The Part 48 Surface New Miner virtual experience is approved by MSHA; at completion students will obtain the 5000-23 form necessary for working at mine sites.

How does the MSHA training work?

Vivid offers Online Safety Training for Part 46 (new miner and refresher training).

When you sign up and receive a login, you can begin online training anytime, from anywhere with web connectivity, and complete the training at your convenience. Because the training requirement for these MSHA courses is no less than 8 hours, you can pause and resume your training anytime.

While Part 48 Refresher training is available online, the course must be monitored by our MSHA instructor. This training is available during our normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 4:00pm Pacific Standard Time.

The courses are built for simplicity—if you can browse the web, you can easily complete your MSHA training online.

For Part 48 Surface New Miner Training, Vivid offers a live, online, virtual training experience, on a weekly basis. When you sign up, you are provided with details for your scheduled session and information on participation. The experience is similar to an online video conference.

This interactive program, hosted by Vivid’s certified MSHA instructors, is the fastest way to complete Part 48 New Miner Training and get new miners credentialed. The course provides students with their full 24 hours required for the new miner training.

To view the training schedule, purchase a seat, and learn more, click here.

What is the difference between MSHA Part 46 training and Part 48 training?

MSHA Part 46 is for workers needing to access aggregate mine sites only, such as sand, stone, gravel, etc. This training is for Surface only (not underground).

MSHA Part 48 is for contractor needing access to metal, non-metal and coal mine sites. This training is for surface only (not underground).