Mobile Delivery FAQs

Do I have to download software for mobile courses?


Will this training play on my iPhone or iPad? 

Yes, if two conditions are met: (1) a mobile version of the course is available; (2) mobile support is part of the your agreement. 

Are you able to provide a mobile version of any course?

Not currently; we’re working on ‘mobilizing’ courses, and the list of available courses is growing. Ask you Rep for a current list of mobile courses. 

Will I be able to track employee performance from a mobile deployed course?

Yes. The courses are tracked by our Safety Training System or the Learning Management System used by the customer. 

Are mobile courses less expensive or more?


How would I train employees in the field?

The core benefit of online training is that it allows your workforce to access critical basic safety training anytime, anywhere—with internet connectivity. Today, thanks to increasing internet availability and mobile devices, it has never been easier to train employees in the field.