Implementation FAQs

Are there additional costs associated with implementation?

At a basic level, no.

However, if the training solution you need requires a complex custom portal with data integration, custom content, and custom programming —and that’s all up to you— there will probably be an additional expense.

Either way, you’ll know about it up front; any additional implementation costs related to custom work are quoted during the discovery phase, not after a agreement is signed.

I’m buying courses and working with Vivid’s Safety Training System. What happens after I sign the agreement?

We try to make implementation as simple as possible, and this is all we ask:

  1. Meet with your personal Customer Service Rep.
  2. Complete and return the Customer Success Document, which aligns training with your workforce.
  3. Open your Launch Package; it has everything you need to begin training.  
  4. Let your Service Rep know if there is anything else they can help you with.

Confidently, nobody does as much for customers after the sale as we do. We recognize an opportunity to make your life a little easier, and seize it. 

I’m buying custom content development. What happens now?

As our Point of Contact, you’ll work with a designated Project Manager toward delivery of custom content. If you have an internal Subject Matter Expert, we’ll rely on them to help with content accuracy and relevancy.

  1. Meet with your Project Manager; bring your Subject Matter Expert.
  2. Through development process, you’ll provide your Project Manager with resources to support your custom training project.
  3. Test and review your custom project prior to launch, and provide feedback to your project manager.
  4. Let you Project Manager know if there is anything else they can help you with.

 In addition, you’ll complete and return the Customer Success Document.

What’s involved with the Customer Success Document?

The Customer Success Document is designed to collect the necessary information about your company to run our Safety Training System most effectively, tailoring it to support efficiency in your training program.

The Customer Success Document covers…

  • Training Start Date
  • Agreement Information (organizational details)
  • Workforce Segmentation
  • Course Assignments
  • Worker Information (name, email, training group)
  • Selection of Safety Training System Options
  • Listing of Safety Training System Administrators
  • Workforce Notifications

The Customer Success Document is pretty straightforward, but your Service Rep can walk you through it if necessary. 

I’ve signed our agreement. When can I start training my employees?

Setting you up for success can take anywhere from 4 business days to four weeks, depending on the size of the solution.

Factors that can affect implementation:

  • Size of the online training program
  • Diversity of the courses
  • Custom work
  • Data integration and migration
  • Building a new training portal (custom interface)
  • Segmentation of the workforce
  • Changes to implementation design in the middle of the project

Where can I find more information about a course?

Click here to see a listing of Vivid’s courses. You can click on any course title to view details like course length, objectives, regulations, and a detailed description.

Workers in training can find the course outline once they begin by clicking on the ‘overview’ link on the course menu page.

What is the required passing score for a test?

The default passing score is 80%. You may choose to adjust the pass percentage by course. Email your Customer Service Rep to request that change.

Once a course is assigned, how long does a worker have to complete the training?

Workers have access to the content throughout the agreement year. When a worker logs in to the Safety Training System, the countdown to completion date is displayed, so they know exactly how much time they have to complete the course. If the course completion date is prior to the end of the training year, the worker will continue to have access to the course until the end of the agreement year, or enrollment expiration date, whichever is shorter.

How do I launch the training program to my workers?

Vivid can deploy a launch email to be delivered any day you choose. It provides access to the training portal, worker login credentials, and a Simple Steps document to assist them in navigating their training. If your workers do not use email, then you will need to provide their login information offline.

How do I know if my workers are having trouble with the tests?

The testing default is set to 10 test attempts before a worker is locked out of the course. When the worker is locked out, you or your training administrator will receive an email with notice that a worker has been locked out of testing. You will need to unlock them before they may proceed; this gives you the opportunity to counsel the worker on their challenges and address their questions.