General FAQs

How does online training work?

If your employees can operate a smartphone or browse the web, then they can work through our courses—it’s easy.

Workers access the Safety Training System by using a personal login, and then begin training—anywhere, anytime—with engaging courses built for any level of tech proficiency.

Courses run through Vivid’s Safety Training System, software designed by safety professionals to simplify the administration of workforce training activity.

Our Safety Training System is easy to learn, and our customer service team takes care of the details, ready with answers to all of your questions. 

We’ve been training workers with safety videos for years. How is online training any more effective?

The online training experience is more engaging than videos, which are a passive training method requiring little worker involvement.

Vivid online training promotes engagement—the key to effective training—with narration, animation, film, and interactivity. We design our courses to create a memorable, personal experience for your workforce, in which workers complete courses at their own pace, supporting efficiency, and are held accountable for critical concepts through testing.

It’s a simple equation: Smart Design + Engagement + Accountability = Effective Training

Is my job as a safety trainer at risk?

No. If anything, online training provides safety professionals enhanced control over training activities.

With our Safety Training System, workforce training professionals find the best tool for managing and tracking customer training programs, increasing accountability with instant testing results and easy access to secure, realtime data streams.

With Vivid’s Online Safety Training courses, safety profs can support customers with an engaging, consistent, standardized training experience that is accessible anywhere, anytime, and serve a variety of customers in different industries with course content to match regulatory standards.