Custom Training FAQs

What is Vivid’s model for developing custom online training?

When developing custom training projects, we follow the instructional design method that works best for the customer.

When customers do not have a preferred methodology, here’s what happens:

  1. Vivid’s Instructional Designers work with customer subject matter experts (SMEs) to design a course Blueprint, a detailed design document that outlines the course, learning objectives, instructional and evaluation approaches.
  2. After approval of the Blueprint, we develop a Storyboard including text, knowledge checks, visuals, and narration for each frame of the course.
  3. After approval of the storyboard, our team of instructional designers, programmers, photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, and narrators, Build the course.
  4. A Live Draft of the course is subjected to testing and then presented to the customer for review.
  5. After approval of the Live Draft, customer feedback is incorporated and a Final Course is released.       

What resources does our company need to provide for a custom project?

We ask our customers to fill two important roles…

Point of Contact:

We request that our customers assign at least one person to be our point of contact. This individual will work with one project manager for regular communication on project development.

Subject Matter Experts:

Customers also need to provide one or more ‘subject matter experts’, people responsible for content accuracy, alignment with organizational culture, and satisfaction of training need.  

How long does it take to develop a custom online training course for my company?

The answer depends on how long the course is and what we have to start with. A thirty minute online course usually takes 6 to 8 weeks to develop from project kickoff.  If we are starting with a set of slides or an existing online course, we can usually do it faster.  If we are developing custom animations, doing special programming, it may take longer.   

What does ‘customized’ mean?

There are different levels of customization. For example, we can build a brand new custom course from scratch, or we can modify one of our on Online Safety Training to include information or imagery specific to your company. 

We have to run a unique training program to meet the special standards for our industry. Is customization of content possible?

Yes. With some of the industry’s most experienced instructional designers and a talented digital team, your creativity is the only real limitation here—if you have an idea to take your training program to the next level, we can build it. We can create custom courses using assets native to your industry, or we can modify our existing courses to go beyond OSHA standards. We’ve worked with many customers to convert existing training program assets, like specific safety videos, into an interactive online experience.

Can you rebrand the training to have our logo and brand colors?

Yes. When you train with Vivid, you also have the opportunity to support your brand in two ways; we can apply your organization’s brand assets to any on Online Safety Training, including your company’s logo, colors, and other design elements; and we can create a custom portal in our Safety Training System for a native workforce training experience. 

Vivid created a custom course for us and the training is live, but we’ve had a recent change in policy that requires several edits to the course—what do I need to do get these changes made? 

Modifications and updates are simple to incorporate. The first person you contact is your Vivid sales rep, who’ll facilitate the editing process. The expense depends on the complexity of the modifications. 

Who does the custom work? Can we do it ourselves?

On occasion our customers have unique situations and want to develop custom training. For example, our customer may have specialized equipment, extreme working conditions, or unique onboarding requirements. When these circumstances arise, Vivid is always available to assist. 

With a broad range of experience developing custom training, we work closely with customers through a proven development process to deliver projects, on time and under budget.

It’s our preference at Vivid to work with you on custom content development, because we have the expertise and technical capability, saving you time and money.