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Driver Logs

Learning Objectives

After completing this lesson, you should be able to state or identify the following:

  • The DOT maximum driving time limits that are placed on drivers, and some exemptions to those laws
  • What qualifies as on-duty time and off-duty time
  • The 11-hour rule, the 14-hour rule, and the 60/70-hour rule
  • The violations of these laws that can place a driver out of duty

Available in English

50 Minutes

This course explains the DOT time constraints that commercial drivers must abide by and how to effectively utilize driver logs.

Topics include:
• The 11 hour, 14 hour, and 60/70 rules and exemptions
• Violations that can restrict drivers from work duty
• How to correctly track times with standardized driver logs

Course Outline
  • Introduction to Driver Logs
  • Using Driver Logs
  • Out of Service