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Water and Steam Terms and Principles

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the relationship between energy, heat and phase changes of water
  • Define terms associated with water as heat is added and removed. For example:
    • subcooled liquid
    • saturated liquid
    • saturated steam
    • quality
    • moisture content
    • superheated steam
  • Explain the relationship between operating boiler pressure and the ability of the boiler to utilize natural circulation
  • Describe the concept of the critical point, supercritical fluid and the benefits of operating at such high pressure

Available in English

70 Minutes

When you complete this lesson you will be able to explain the relationship between energy, temperature and the phases of water.  You will also be able to describe the concept and importance of latent heat, the heat associated with phase changes of water without a temperature change.  Given the weights of both steam and liquid water in a vessel, you will be able to calculate Quality and Moisture Content.  You will be able to explain the relationship of a subcooled liquid, saturated liquid, saturated steam, latent heat of vaporization and superheated steam on a provided temperature/energy diagram.