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Rigging Safety

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the advantages, disadvantages, and limitations of each type of sling
  • Identify inspection criteria for slings and rigging hardware
  • List the questions a rigger should ask while planning for a lift
  • Identify the methods for determining a load’s weight, the factors that impact the sling’s lifting capacity, and how to balance the load
  • Identify the characteristics of vertical, choker, and basket hitches
  • Identify hazards posed by working near a crane and the safe practices for avoiding them

Available in English

25 Minutes

5-Min Course Available

This lesson will teach you how to safely rig loads that will be moved by cranes, hoists, or other equipment. This includes planning a lift, inspecting and selecting slings, determining a load’s weight, using a sling angle chart, and working with a crane operator.

Course Outline
  • Selecting and Inspecting Rigging Equipment
  • Planning the Lift
  • Following Safe Practices
  • 1926 Subpart H – Material Handling
  • 1926 Subpart R – Steel Erection
  • 1926 Subpart CC – Cranes and Derricks in Construction
  • 1910 Subpart N – Materials Handling and Storage