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MTS_4625_350-03 Monitoring System Conditions (2.5 CEHs)

Learning Objectives

  • Identify settings established in R1 through R4 of PRC-002-2
  • Recall how the per-unit scale differs from percentage comparisons
  • Recall how phasors and vectors are related
  • Identify phasor application in a three phase power system
  • Recall the phase relationship between phase to neutral and phase to ground voltage measurements
  • List the basic components of a transformer
  • Calculate the secondary output of a transformer given input values and turns ratio
  • Recall the difference between VTs, PTs, and CCVTs
  • Recall the relationship between primary and secondary current as magnetic flux reaches saturation
  • Recall how relays are connected to PTs and CTs and how this relates to burden

Available in English

150 Minutes

When you complete this lesson you will understand the purpose of PRC-002-2, and how system conditions are monitored through the application of per-unit measurements, AC polarity, and basic potential transformer and current transformer construction and operation.