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X-Ray Safety

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how X-rays are produced
  • Identify the categories and representative types of x-ray producing devices
  • State the role of state and/or local departmental involvement in radiation-producing device regulation

Available in English

15 Minutes

Mobile Ready

When working with X-Ray technology in a laboratory setting, safety is a paramount concern. When properly used, X-Rays are considered relatively safe. However, when X-Rays are used without the proper safety precautions they have the potential to cause serious injury and illness related to over exposure; cancer, extreme low blood pressure, and cardiac arrest, are commonly attributed negative health consequences.

Because X-Rays are dangerous when handled improperly, it is imperative and  that students & faculty alike receive safety training for awareness and prevention.

The goal of this course is to ensure the safe use of X-Rays in campus laboratory settings.

Course Outline
  • X-Ray Basics
  • X-Ray Risks
  • X-Ray Safety