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Sharps Safety

Learning Objectives

  • List the types of sharp objects that are present in a laboratory environment and the risks they present.
  • Describe some general and device-specific precautions you should take to protect yourself from a cut or puncture injury.
  • Explain how to properly dispose of different types of sharps waste.
  • List the actions you should take if you are cut or punctured by a sharp object.

Available in English

20 Minutes

Mobile Ready

This lesson introduces the safety procedures that laboratory workers who use sharps must follow in order to prevent cut and puncture injuries, and any hazardous exposures that might result from those injuries. The lesson addresses how to use and dispose of sharps safely as well as what to do in response to a sharps-related injury.

Course Outline
  • Sharps Basics
  • Using Sharps Safely
  • Disposing of Sharps Properly
  • Injury Response and Reporting