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Hazardous Waste Management Overview

Learning Objectives

  • Define hazardous waste, explain the importance of managing it properly, and list the categories of hazardous waste generators.
  • List some actions industrial facilities use to manage hazardous waste and explain how you can assist your company with its hazardous waste management efforts.
  • Describe how to handle common types of hazardous waste.
  • Describe how you, and other individuals with various roles and responsibilities, should respond to an unintended release of hazardous waste.

Available in English

10 Minutes

This lesson is an overview of why hazardous waste management is important, how to handle hazardous waste safely, and how to respond to an unintended release

Course Outline
  • Hazardous Waste Management Overview
  • 40 CFR parts 260 through 265
  • 40 CFR part 261.7