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Fire Extinguishers: Monthly Inspections

Learning Objectives

  • Distinguish between the types of fire extinguisher inspections and identify frequencies for each type
  • Recognize the purpose and benefits of performing monthly fire extinguisher inspections
  • Identify the parts of a fire extinguisher and the purpose or function of each part
  • List the steps for performing a monthly fire extinguisher inspection
  • Recognize steps to take in response to common issues that can be discovered during a monthly fire extinguisher inspection

Available in English, Spanish

7 Minutes

You will learn how to perform monthly fire extinguisher inspections, including how to identify and visually inspect each part of an extinguisher. You will also learn how to respond to common issues you may potentially discover during monthly fire extinguisher inspections.

Course Outline
  • Fire Extinguishers: Monthly Inspections
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