Q & A: Top DOT Safety Issues


Barrett Pryce

Barrett Pryce

Marketing Manager

Barrett Pryce is the Marketing Manager with Vivid Learning Systems, an online safety training provider making life a little easier for safety professionals.

Question #1: “What is the one most difficult US DOT safety issue to combat?”

Answer: Motor-vehicle related deaths. It’s merely an opinion, but to take the focus off of crash/incident reduction seems irresponsible, as vehicle crashes remain the most significant contributor to occupational fatalities.

Question #2: “Best Approach to train multiple geo locations and 24 hr shift periods?”

Answer: Start training online. Now. With us. Why? Let’s review…

Courses work on mobile devices like tablets, so your drivers can take them on the road. Courses are accessible anytime, anywhere, 24/7. All of the training activity is trackable, reportable, with centralized online admin, and securely stored in the Cloud for instant recall.

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