iAuditor App Makes Safety Inspections & Reporting Easier

iAuditor App Makes Safety Inspections & Reporting Easier

Bethany Carpenter

Bethany Carpenter

Content Writer

When was the last time you got excited about performing a safety inspection? Or filing a safety audit report? I'm guessing it probably doesn't happen often, if at all.

For safety professionals, those tasks are just part of the job, and ones that, unfortunately, haven't changed much over the years.

The problem with safety inspections and reporting is that it can be tedious work. Do you ever just want to be able to carry out a safety audit without having to lug around a big clipboard or flip through a mound of paperwork?

Well, there's an app for that. And it's called iAuditor.

Designed for mobile devices, iAuditor allows you to get rid of your clipboard for good, and won't cost you a cent unless you opt for advanced reporting. In most cases, the free option is beyond sufficient for typical safety inspection and reporting needs.

What's great about iAuditor is that it's used to conduct over 25,000 safety inspections every day in over 209 countries, so you know you're dealing with a seasoned application that has worked for thousands of other safety pros. One of the most convenient and time-saving app features is the library of over 50,000 inspection forms that other iAuditor users have shared. You can simply choose one of these forms as your template, or build your own form from scratch, depending on your inspection needs and time restraints.

One of iAuditor's unique qualities is that it can be used by companies of all types and sizes, from international airlines to small operations; it has a number of features that help safety professionals customize auditing to the workplace.

Here are a few of iAuditor's inspection and form features:

  • Easy template creator
  • Smart fields allow you to create actions for responses and build intelligence into your templates
  • Scoring and weighting
  • Smart and dynamic fields allowing for branching and nesting of subcategories
  • Drag and drop editing interface
  • Multiple sections within an audit
  • Tick boxes
  • Custom default responses
  • Administrator controls to lock down cloud uploading
  • Custom heading fields and email subject lines
  • Media gallery
  • Follow up actions and scheduling
  • Image annotation and mark-up

When it comes to that last feature—image annotation and mark-up—Jill James, Chief Safety Officer at Vivid Learning Systems, is a big fan.

According to James, "You can embed photos and draw on them to say, 'The problem is right here'."

The iAuditor app's reporting feature is also very useful, allowing you to export reports in multiple ways, from PDF to DOCX to CSV formats.

"It's so cool because you can email yourself or anyone else a PDF report automatically generated right from the app just by hitting send," says James.

With its ability to simplify and streamline safety inspections and reporting, the iAuditor app may just be your new best friend.


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