Active Shooter Preparedness Training

Active Shooter Preparedness Training. Free for everybody. Online now.

An active shooter is a person determinedly engaged in killing or attempting to kill people. Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly.

The threat of indiscriminate gun violence hasn’t diminished. That’s why active shooter preparedness training efforts continue to escalate across the country.

The goal is to help lower the body count by equipping people with the latest life-saving preparedness training.

Built with the assistance of national subject matter experts from the law enforcement community, this free online course is intended for any audience, at work, at home, in school.

Vivid Learning Systems is an online safety training provider - it’s what we do. That’s why building this active shooter preparedness training course and making it publicly available is the least we could do.

Want more Active Shooter Training?

Our parent company, HSI, provides top-tier Active Shooter Training and Active Shooter Instructor Training via AVERT. Developed by professional law enforcement, private security, and medical experts, AVERT training empowers people to save lives in emergency shooter situations. Learn more at

Who is this free active shooter preparedness training course for?

Everyone. Active shooter events happen at more than just schools and higher learning facilities like colleges and universities.

This course was designed with all ages in mind.

Talk with your family. If you have school-age children in your life, talk with their schools, ask about their planning and response. Ask children what lock-down measures and drills mean in their school and how they work. Discuss what you would do if you and your family were ever involved in an active shooter incident. Proper preparation makes you and your family safer.

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This is what you'll learn...

Warning Signs

Help identify the warning signs of an active shooter event

Flee, Freeze, Fight

Learn three ways in which people typically
react in an active shooter event


Explain the purpose of being familiar with
your surroundings in public spaces

Protect Yourself

Identify the actions you can take to protect
yourself during an active shooter event

First Responders

Describe what to do when law enforcement arrives
on the scene of an active shooter event